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Now Coaching at Pelican Waters

Now coaching at Pelican Waters

As some of you might know already, I am now coaching at the Pelican Waters Golf Club. The past 8 years at Twin Waters has been a great experience, offering me a chance to learn and grow as a coach and most importantly, getting to meet you all. Now, I'm looking forward to taking on new projects with the guidance of Grant Field- Cameron Smith's coach at Pelican Waters.

The Pelican Waters practice facility offers so many new opportunities to help my clients including:

  • a chipping area that has 4 intertwined chipping greens and 2 bunkers offering a variety of shot types, making game-like practice more realistic.

  • A driving range with 9 mown green surfaces .

  • 2 Indoor hitting bays in the academy that will have Trackman and Gears 3D analysis

  • On-course lesson availability at select times


The academy and driving range should hopefully be finished off soon but lessons can be conducted now.


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