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In Lessons

Trackman is a world renowned swing and ball flight measuring radar. With 26 different measurements from 1 shot, it reduces time in swing fault identification and ensures golfers are making genuine and measurable improvements with their swing. 


During lessons, it operates in the background and is simply used as a device to audit a coaches effectiveness in the session. Coaches use it to measure the geometry of club/ball impact that occurs in 0.0005 of a second, rather than guessing with the naked eye. This data reflects on a coach as to whether the cues used are effective are not, thus ensuring the golfer genuinely improves during the lesson. 


Trackman is used in all applicable lessons with Arian Sanjar to ensure your development is quick, simple and pain free. During most lessons, technical terminology and complex theories within the 26 parameters measured are not discussed at all, allowing for the golfer to transfer their skills to the golf course without ‘overload’ from the lesson. However, this can be beneficial for some golfers that are keen on understanding the facts within their golf game and in such a scenario, Trackman can be fully utilised.

In Club Fittings

In a club fitting, Trackman helps to measure the ball flight differences between different club options. Being the most accurate radar on the market, clients are provided the peace-of-mind that they have selected the best option. In most cases, the price of club fitting comes off the price of the club purchase. 


A range of the latest Titleist golf clubs are now available from Twin Waters Golf Academy with a full fitting cart of Drivers, Fairway woods, Rescues, Irons and Wedges available to test. Utilise the Trackman radar unit to accurately measure the difference between options and your current equipment at no extra cost.

Club Fittings
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